Our History

Staunton & Harrisonburg Kendo, Iaido, & Jodo (2018- present) is the continuation of the old Waynesboro YMCA Kendo Club (1986-2005) and the defunct James Madison University Kendo group (2007-2011).

We began offering classes September of 2018. Original class offerings were in Kendo and Seitei-gata Iaido. Fall of 2019 we also began offering classes in Seitei Jodo.

October 2020 we becomes members of the regional SEUSKF (South East United States Kendo Federation) and national AUSKF (All United States Kendo Federation).

In December 2020 we began offering classes in Kendo & Iaido at Edge Effect Fitness/Kanso Dojo in Harrisonburg.

In June 2021 we began offering classes in Shinto Muso ryu Jojutsu in Harrisonburg.

Our Logo

Our logo was designed by Abigail Portnoy, 4th dan kendo IKBF (Israel Kendo and Budo Federation). It is a tsuba (guard) with a kendo megane (facemask) in the center. Kendo is in the middle as it represents our primary art with Iaido and Jodo on each side representing the secondary arts we teach.

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