Kendo, Iaido, & Jodo as explained by the All Japan Kendo Federation

Affiliated and Surrounding Dojos

All United States Kendo Federation

South Eastern United States Kendo Federation

Staunton Kendo FB (I’ll be posting more often here)

Staunton Park & Recreation (Where you sign up for Staunton classes, under Fitness & Wellbeing)

Kanso Dojo (Harrisonburg location)

UVA Kendo (Affiliated with us)

VA Tech Kendo Club (Affiliated with us)

Roanoke Kendo (Affiliated with us)

Elkton Ki Aikdo (Kelley sensei’s Aikido & Iaido dojo)

Michigan Koryu Kenkyukai (Boylan sensei’s Jodo & Iaido dojo, as well as his blog)

Charlottesville Yoseikan (Where King sensei does MJER Iaido) (Doug Gellman sensei)

Waynesboro YMCA Karate (Where King sensei does Shito-ryu Karate)

Kosho School of Karate (England sensei’s Karate, Jodo, & Iaido dojo)

Capital Area Budokai
Boylan sensei is affiliated with their Jodo program.
We are affiliated with their Kendo program.

Blue Ridge Karate Club (JKO Shito ryu karate)

Maryland Jodo (Dan Soares’ old group)

Chop Talk (England sensei’s podcast)

Local Japanese language meetup group (We are affiliated with them)

Charlottesville Japanese Language and Culture Meetup

Private Japanese language lessons:

If your in Tokyo and want check out a Kendo themed cafe


Recommended training gear suppliers & manufacturers (US based)

Mountain Teachings (Skyjiro Dealer)

Kiyota Company (Store in Maryland)


Leather Tsuba (Preferred tsuba maker)

King Fisher Woodworks

Rive Reed Crafts (Bokken with saya)

Kataaro (Preferred iai obi)

RVA Katana (Local Japanese sword seller)

Recommended training gear suppliers & manufacturers (Outside US)

AJKF Online Shop

SDK Supplies (Kim Taylor sensei’s business, email is best)
(Jo, Bokkens, and Leather tsuba for Jodo)

Bujin Design
(Leather tsuba dome for bokken)

Seisho Canada (Preferred custom kote maker)

Kendo Star

Budo Design

Yari no Hanzo

Seido Shop


Zen Nihon Budogu

Furui Clothing (Preferred sword bag maker)

Urufu (Preferred sword carry bag maker)

Local Deep Muscle Sport Massage, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, & Physical Therapist


Healing Touch Body Works

Aliceia Anderson:

Holistic Massage and Wellness, LLC

Jenny Moon


Heneberry Chiropractic

Still looking for a good acupuncturist and sport physical therapist!

Local leather shop that can take on a variety of custom tasks

Cobblestone Shoe & Leather Repair

Local Artist (Does budo related paintings)

Ivan Pesic

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