Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Seitei-gata Iaido 制定型居合道

ZNKR Seitei-gata Iaido (全日本剣道連盟制定型居合道) is a modern martial art form of Japanese fencing that involves the practice of solo sword kata using an iaito (zinc-duraluminum alloy practice sword) or bokuto (wooden sword). The focus is on drawing from the saya (sheath) and striking/cutting with the sword (nukitsuke). There are 12 iai kata that are taught as the curriculum. They are broken into three parts (sitting, half-sitting, and standing). You will learn these as both solo and paired kata. Practice also involves learning Kendo kata, fixed paired patterns of techniques, of which there are 11 kata.

Knee pads are required!

Iaido training develops awareness, concentration, and discipline. 

The kata are as follow:

Seiza and Tachiwaza no bu (Sitting and Standing, 正座と立ち技)

  • Ippon-me Mae (前)
  • Nihon-me Ushiro (後ろ)
  • Sanbon-me Ukenagashi (受け流し)

Tatehiza no bu (Half seated)

  • Yonhon-me Tsuka-ate (柄当て)

Tachiwaza no bu (Standing, 立ち技)

  • Gohon-me Kesagiri (袈裟切り)
  • Roppon-me Morote-tsuki (諸手突き)
  • Nanahon-me Sanpōgiri (三方切り)
  • Hachihon-me Ganmen-ate (顔面当て)
  • Kyuhon-me Soete-tsuki (添え手突き)
  • Juppon-me Shihōgiri (四方切り)
  • Juippon-me Sōgiri (総切り)
  • Junihon-me Nukiuchi (抜き打ち)

Embu of Seiteigata Iaido: https://youtu.be/rbdJW8BPzSU

Older video demonstrating first ten kata both paired (kumitachi) and solo (hitori): https://youtu.be/k8_llxYGsu8

Very old documentary on Seiteigata Iaido: https://youtu.be/4HoZL5hYfxQ

Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon waza Keiko-ho (Tachi vs Tachi)

Kihon 1: Ippon-uchi no wazaMen, Kote, Do, Tsuki
Kihon 2: Renzoku no waza (Ni/Sandan no waza)Kote, Men
Kihon 3: Harai wazaHarai Men
Kihon 4: Hiki wazaTsubazeriai kara no Hiki Do
Kihon 5: Nuki wazaMen, Nuki Do
Kihon 6: Suriage wazaKote, Suriage Men
Kihon 7: Debana wazaDebana kote
Kihon 8: Kaeshi wazaMen, Kaeshi Migi-Do
Kihon 9: Uchiotoshi wazaDo uchiotoshi Men

Bokuto ni Yoru Kendo Kinhon Waza Keiko ho demonstration: https://youtu.be/KVzHMNJ6NKg

Kendo Kata: Tachi kata 1-7 (Tachi vs Tachi)
Ippon-me (Men Nuki Men)
Nihon-me (Kote Nuki Kote)
Sanbon-me (Tsuki Kaeshi (Nayashi) Tsuki)
Yohon-me (Tsuki Makikaeshi Men)
Gohon-me (Men Suriage Men)
Roppon-me (Kote Suriage Kote)
Nanahon-me (Men Nuki Do)

Kendo kata demonstration: https://youtu.be/4lgUDbF_SXY

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class start time.

Wednesdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm (Garden Center at Gypsy Hill Park Staunton Park & Rec)

Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm (Edge Effect Fitness, Harrisonburg)

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